Why God never made Furniture!

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje
3 min readApr 25, 2022
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

Today is the 25th day of April
and I felt the need to touch base on this topic.
Bothering around creation, imagination, responsibility and execution.
You see some times, we are waiting on things that wouldn’t just happen,

Praying and hoping for a miracle
You see, God never made a chair
In all of his supremacy and doing the most…
God never made furniture,
He never made a table,
Did he not know that we would need them?
Of course, He knew we would need them!
Yet he never once made any of these items.

He made a tree
and he handed it to us;
With Creativity, Imagination, and most importantly execution.
The rest of it is up to us,
To imagine a table,
Imagine Paper,
Imagine a Pencil.
Imagine what it can be.

We are asking God for what he has already given us control over
God doesn’t create tables, he creates trees.
I need you to catch on to what Pastor Hanu is saying…
We have to remember that we have the incredible responsibility and opportunity to create.
Most times we are waiting,
this ideology goes all the way back to Adam and Eve,
God Planted the Garden, placed Adam and Eve over it “cultivate and maintain it”

We have to come out of the claiming and waiting mentality
and use our gifts and abilities to create more for ourselves.
Cultivate the life you want!
There are times when we just have to be Patient
and allow things to fall in place,
but make sure it is you not shying away from doing the most!

Its another Monday,
another new week
You ultimately know what to do
Get up and get to it,
Get up and do your best!
Get out of your way.
Outdo what you did last week

If you haven’t heard it today,
I believe in you,
I believe in your Genius
The world needs you!
Your soul is rare!
you’re a badass!
You’re not a drop in the ocean…
You’re the entire ocean in one drop!
So do what gives peace to your heart.
Smile more, it looks good on you!
Please be Happy… Don’t forget, you’re here for a reason,
So never stop trying.
Never stop doing the most.
Start using your trees,
Really, nobody has it easy.

It is in your hands to push things and turn things around…
Make that call and risk get ignored,
Send that message, Send that email, and risk get aired
you are better off trying than letting embarrassment, shame, and fear hold you back.
The biggest risk is in not taking a risk.
It’s in your hands to change things.
Go do it!
Dare to do mighty things
and 100% Do the most.

As always



Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

Sharing stories and experiences with the intent to move you emotionally; Inspire you, stir you intellectually; and fingers crossed you learn something new too