The Journey; Cocktails & Dreams

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje
5 min readNov 1, 2022

So, man, I am in Lisbon, Portugal… it's my first time in Europe and it's such great energy.
I love it here, It's warm, homely, affordable, no racism so far, I mean it could easily be home for a minute.
I was out at club ______ of course Portuguese music was slamming, and the people were Vibing, a little strange not gon lie but it had good vibes.
There were like 6 girls to a guy👀, my boys would love it, + it is Halloween weekend too so loads of cool customs, almost felt like I was in America.

Then boom, Burna boy — Last Last comes on, it was such a big vibe for me, and the club got turnt listening to Burna. It was a proud moment, not gonna lie, next Ckay came on, and Oxlade dropped in, bro it kept on giving…

I was proud of my peoples.

Then I realized, a few things are Global, Money - currency is global, Music, technology, the sweet spot, Crypto, one global currency to rule them all. It got me excited to know that I am in the middle of it, right here, exactly where I need to be, on this fantastic journey, building businesses, meeting new people, diving into multiple cultures, and experiencing the world in my twenties.

Cocktails & Dreams

People wonder why I like to travel and be out for months at a time,
Do you know what it is?
its an investment
Its knowledge gathering
it's getting the tools & Network to build on a global scale.
I want to build a Global business, I am going to build Global businesses, and in other to do that I need global experience, I need a global team.
Travel is expensive but it's the price to make the world feel something.
I need to know what a pub in Lisbon feels like, I now know they like Burna boy, I know that there is a pink street somewhere in Lisbon where all the bars and clubs are, and I know that people sit on the ground to eat on the streets and its casual, Like no biggie.

A store on Pink street

They say your life experiences shape you, I couldn’t agree more.
Life is moving fast, we just gotta slow down and smell the flowers.
Everyone goes through it.
It's the best day in the world for someone…
It's the worst day in the world for the next guy…
But guess what?
Its gon pass

Ultimately, I am grateful I get the chance to lead this life, and I am grateful I get to have all of these experiences, I do not think I am the most talented, or gifted person, No! far from it. I work hard, very hard but a lot of people work hard too.
In a nutshell, what I am saying is I do not take these blessings I am opportune to have for granted.
I will give back, so some kid somewhere can have a chance too.

If you’ve made it this far reading this… You gotta live life man.
I promise you everyone would be okay…
Everyone would be perfectly fine!!!!
Live life, and do what makes you happy…
Of course, you would compromise for the special ones every now and then.
But make it a thing to enjoy the journey called life.
There's no destination.
Life’s too short, so you gotta make sure you get it before they blow the whistle.
Death is Random.
You know this.

Find a safe space,
someone you can rely on…
This bit is really important because every day we’re fighting…
Take Kanye for example,

This man has been fighting all his life.
First, as a kid, he went to school and he was the only black kid in his school,
Next, he came to Chicago (shout out to Chi-town) to make beats.
no one believed he could do it, he fought his way through making beats.
He did it!
Next, he said he wanted to make music.
A Producer making music in the ’90s.
Guess what he fought through that too…
And did that too!
Just when he was beginning to catch a big break as a rapper.
He got into a car crash. Broke his Jaw.
His Jaw!
How mean can life be….
People said he’d never be able to sing or come back…
Then Boom, My man comes back with “through the wire”
Literally sang that song with Wires in his mouth.
Won his first Grammy…
A few years later, Ye, the designer came out with Yeezy…

At every point, he had to fight through it.
I bet he’s planning the biggest comeback of our time.
History in the making.
We’re witnessing it!

We can all agree that Kanye is a genius,
An enigma
A genius that cannot be boxed in. I don't yet know the man.
But what I see from a distance is;
A man who sees the sun at midnight
But most importantly a Man who needs a safe space.

Think of life like a boxing match or a UFC fight.
Heavy intense fighting, getting punched in the face.
but what you’d realize every now and then, the referee pauses the match. Why?
Time out.
Even the best fighters can’t fight for 1 hour non-stop.
Time out!!
Time out is needed.

The fighters go to the corner, to their safe space, to sit and be with the people they trust, their coaches, and their families.
Because energy is priceless.
Without safe spaces, you have nowhere to stand.

We are not meant to do this life thing all ourselves.
We gotta find accomplices, and make sure they are legit
We all gotta find that safe space…
Because only then can we really enjoy the journey we’re on.
Enjoy the journey of life, The journey of cocktails & Dreams.

Inspired by great conversations & Lisbon nights!



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