The Job Is Not Done!

It is expected during the course of the Journey

to Hit Highs,

At Patricia, we sure Hit major Highs,
we have kicked off, the process of becoming a household name
But is the job done?
No, the job is not done!

And as it is normal with life, we’ve had some difficult times,
We legit walked through brimstones, some hours felt like days,
Chaos, Panic, Fear, and doubt set in multiple times.
In all of these times, the realization that the job is not finished,
The job is far from done!
I hope this realization can keep you going too!

Getting the Job done, for Patricia is making sure,
our users can bank on Patricia
We expand to every nook and cranny of the earth
We led innovation around the crypto and blockchain space.
This seems like an un-ending race but it is this quest that keeps us hungry
This journey makes everyday Day 1,
We will not stop until the job is done.
Now, what does getting the job done mean to you?

You see, what I have realized is your brain doesn’t want you to succeed...
I know how it sounds but,
your brain wants to keep you safe, minimize the risks and keep things Logical.
I dare say, your brain wants you to be comfortable,

Doing the most is not a comfortable
It is definitely not an easy and glamorous process.

Doing the most is a quiet process.
Faith trying and testing process.
Doing little tasks,
Small daily improvements over time set you up for winning and this sets you up for more wins.

A big part of doing the most is getting up and Just do it.
You’re not going to feel good every day,
Trust me.
There are going to be days that you just want to stay in bed,
Life can and will punch you in the face,
sometimes Punch after Punch after Punch,
You think it’ll be the last and it's all over and another tragedy would strike.
In these times
Remember, the Job is not Done.

Prosperity is not without many fears and disasters; adversity is not without comforts and hopes.

Francis Bacon

Get it done!
Even if you’re just going through the motions…
Go through the motions!
The Job is not Done!
Hunger = Doing the most
Hunger To grow.
Hunger To learn.
Not getting satisfied.
Hunger To create breakthroughs.
Hunger To learn.
Hunger To serve.
A man's character is not judged by when he celebrates a victory,
A man's character is judged by how he picks himself after a setback.

No matter how great the setback, or how huge the task before you;
You pick yourself up because the job is not done,
You won’t be stopped,
You can’t be stopped,
It's not about who you are it is about who you are trying to be
It’s really simple, if you want life to be better, you have to be better
It’s hard to accept that wherever we are now,
We somehow along the line
Made an appointment to be here…

The fact that you’re still here,
You’re still breathing,
Simple means the job is not done.
As individuals, Develop and Weaponize yourself.

It’s still day one.
Lets go.




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