I tried not to speak on OWO

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje
3 min readJun 7, 2022

I tried not to speak on it
But I couldn’t stop thinking about the Situation in Nigeria
It’s Terrible
then I thought, how else can I contribute
I’m not the minister of defence,
Do we even have a minister of defence?
I have my PVC!!!
How else can i contribute
Well Until I become president,
The Pen is my sword.

When we hear about the deaths and killings,
it’s easy to see this as just news,
Just numbers.
X amount of people died.
We do not relate to it as we should, it’s just Data.
But it’s not just Data
Far from it, these are real people who died,
Someone somewhere just lost a 6 year old baby girl,
Imagine the pain the mom feels,
someone lost both parents..
I’ve lost both my parents,
Many many years ago.
I still feel the pain till today..
Now imagine, someone lost both parents unjustly a few days ago

I’m not sure what the narrative is..
I’m slightly confused
Who’s supplying these guns,
How are they being funded?
What’s the agenda?
Why can’t the government find them…

If you ask me, the two most important thing this country needs is Education & Good people.

We have a bunch of uneducated people in Nigeria
With the mass of uneducated people in the North.
They are unemployed
Basically ready to be brainwashed and deployed
This is a fundamental problem

We say Nigeria is a democracy but it’s not really…
It isn’t,
There can be no democracy in a country where people are uneducated
and do not understand their own position in society and the world.
Democracy means “Rule of the people”
And People can only rule if they can make “educated decisions”

Aristotle said, “ The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead”

The number of homicides in Nigeria over the past few months is alarming
What’s most interesting to me is the recent attack
The shooting in the church at Owo
There’s a very clear message there.
You know this sign that’s usually at car lots, that says
“cars parked at owners risk”
That sign. Hnm
Similarly the shooting signifies going to church now is at “church goers-risk”.
A place of worship..
A place where people go to seek guidance, refuge and connect to a higher power..

It’s Sad,
You see,
The world doesn’t need more religion, ethnicity and all of that crap…
These things are barriers and they separate us more than they bring us together
What the world needs now are good people
Plain and simple
It is more powerful to lend one hand to help someone in need
Than to put two hands in Prayer..
We need good people doing good things

A good person does not need the promise of Heaven to see the merit in good deeds
We need more kindness
We need more humanity
We need empathy
Let’s go back to the basics
And practise love and be our brothers keepers

While we wait and pray for a better Nigeria
And intentional leaders…
Lend your voice
And be a good person.

I pray for the repose of the soul of the lost ones…
May their souls,
Rest in peace.




Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

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