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On the Sabbath day,
Jesus our heavenly father, was teaching in a synagogue,
there was an older lady walking by,
She had a certain sickness and she had her bent over for 18years.
Jesus saw this woman, He called her forward and healed her.

Immediately he laid his hands on her, she was straightened up; this woman who was bent for years stood straight for the first time,
Being bent meant she couldn’t stand straight,
Couldn’t see the sky,
Couldn’t even get a hug.
She was stuck in this pose for 18 whole years!

I believe her physical state is symbolic to people today,
sometimes it’s physical,
most times it's emotional.
Going through tough times without knowing what to do.
Sometimes we need to be embraced, held, told it’s going to be okay, or maybe something as simple as a phone call.

The most important lesson in this story is not the fact that Jesus laid his hand on her and healed the lady on the sabbath day, remember Sabbath days were Holy days, no form of work was meant to be done and the elders tried to persecute Jesus for healing her on Sabbath day.
What touched me the most in this story, is that Jesus saw her, the Lady wasn’t brought to Jesus, Jesus saw her!

Most times we are too focused on the day-to-day that we forget to see people, people who need our help, our assistance, our care, our compassion, and empathy. People who need that lollipop moment shared, people who feel overwhelmed, who feel like a tonne of bricks are on their shoulders.

In a world full of Thirsty people waiting to receive,
What if we,
What if you decided to look up just like Jesus did,
Look and up see,
See the silent and obvious bent people around you,
What would you see?
What could you give?
A smile,
Are you an artist, give a verse!
We all are capable of giving something if we put our mind to it.

When I look up I see Patricia-Universe, the C suite of Patricia, The Hod’s, Team leads, Business managers, Agents; I see the need for my people to be genuinely smiling back at me…

I’ll end with a quote I particularly like from Steve Maraboli,

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Be Compassionate, Give!


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Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

Sharing stories and experiences with the intent to move you emotionally; Inspire you, stir you intellectually; and fingers crossed you learn something new too