Get to the next Water Station.


Dear Superheroes,

I write to you all today, wishing you a Happy new year.
Also congratulate you all for making it through the year 2022
2022 was a very very interesting year.
The markets were crazy
The world was in recession
Stern Year. I must say
it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but we are the lucky ones.
We all made it through
We recorded the highest numbers of marriages within the Ultiverse
Of course Babies followed.
We had the different types of blessings

2022 also brought Some pills that were hard to swallow
We had some necessary endings…
We saw the exit of superheroes, team members who were pivotal to our growth.
It was difficult to see them leave, however, Without the ability to end things, people stay stuck, never becoming who they are meant to be, never accomplishing all that their talents and abilities should afford them.

We would miss them, I wish them the best.
Although they are no longer working with us, they would always be considered members of our community.
Also this leads up to the introduction of Our Alumni community.
ALumni’s of the Ultiverse. ex staff members of our community.
More to come within the year

We equally saw the welcoming of new superheros.
We are more than happy to have you here.
It is our hope that you outdo your predecessors, and you do the most.

2022 has come,
2022 has Gone.
We will learn our lessons from 2022 But most importantly
leave 2022 in 2022
No more whining, no More complaining,
Spilt milk Gets wiped.

Moving in spite of the fear.

Fear, Anxiety are a huge part of the process.
Like an athlete who trains his muscles,
We need to train our muscles to handle fear,
move away from the temporary sense of safety of having avoided fear
Why, because the next time you encounter that same fear, your muscle memory will choose to avoid it instead of doing things afraid

This year We go go to war
and Fight against unproductivity
Over bloated Teams
In Decisions.
Get Better at execution.
Weed out the Bad actors
Focusing on what matters
Building an amazing Culture
A sustainable Structure
Perfecting the little details
and reducing the number of things to perfect.
Say a lot more No than yes

What this year presents is the opportunity to be the best.
Only the best teams win the championships.
Best across the continent
Live up to our Mantra Do the most
and do exactly that.

I titled this piece Getting to the Next Water Station
You may wonder why?
A Marathon
It’s all about running a Marathon…
a 26.2 mile run
It is super scary, you have to deal with dehydration, exhaustion,
weak legs you name it, the list goes on.
On the run, every 2 miles, there is a water station to rehydrate.
There are 13 water stations in a 26.2 mile run
13 points, to stop, relax, celebrate the wins and continue the journey

This is the symbolism of the water stations to us.
The Whole journey may seem unachievable,
It may be far-fetched.
Outright impossible.

Today in the world, we have cell phones with video call capability,
Where you can speak to someone on the other side of the world.
isn’t that witchcraft.
We have Heavy Metals flying in the air and we call them airplanes.
Having all of you here today, Started from a Boys Quarter.
We had to moonwalk through a minefield to be here today
5 years ago, that was when it was impossible.

If we can, break our goals into bite size milestones.
and focus on getting to the next milestone
Focus on getting to the next water station
There is nothing we cannot achieve.

Hence, the theme of the year.
Getting to the Next Water Station.

As we work down towards the next water station
there would be times that legs would get wobbly
There would be times you would want to end the race
Everyone who starts the race will not finish it.
You have to make sure you are not Everyone
And focus on getting to the next water station.

May the energy of the new year inspire you
Motivate you to do more
Help you build stronger and sustainable habits.

Just a friendly reminder,
The people who are crazy enough to change the world,
Are the people who do.

Welcome to the New Year of the Water station
Welcome to a New year





Sharing stories and experiences with the intent to move you emotionally; Inspire you, stir you intellectually; and fingers crossed you learn something new too

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Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

Sharing stories and experiences with the intent to move you emotionally; Inspire you, stir you intellectually; and fingers crossed you learn something new too