Fejiro Hanu Agbodje
3 min readJan 6, 2021


2021 has begun!
The work year has begun.
it starts with me writing letters
A letter to Patricians, Patricia users, Well-wishers, and Spectators alike around the world on the journey we have ahead of us.

I’m super inspired and gassed up for the new year. I’m grateful and blessed to have a team of tireless magicians, blessed to have a solid foundation to continue to build upon.

2020 was an eventful year, (arguably the longest year in the history of mankind), we laughed; we had reasons to cry; What started off as a joke, shaped and changed our realities.

Personally, I’m proud of the choices we made, we took on new skills, reinvented our operations, systems, and technology. We were forced to change. Boy! Did we body the change? We did what we do best, “THE MOST”. We ended the year strong.
Here are a few Statistics from 2020;

Here are a few statistics from 2020:

  • Signed up over 300,000+ new users.
  • We had over 10,100,000 unique transactions across all products & services.
  • We gave Africa its first ever Bitcoin Debit card.
  • Introduced Hank (Our first physical product).
  • Successfully diversified THE PATRICIA UNIVERSE
  • We welcomed 4 beautiful Patricia babies (I know they’d intern here someday soon).
  • Opened our offices in Asia and Ghana.

To name a few…We go again this year, more ambitious than we’ve ever been, with more opportunities for growth than ever before.
This year we make moves that have never been seen before. Not letting anyone tell us how far we can take it.

When people say we’re doing too much, our response will be “sorry for the inconvenience, we’re trying to change the world”. This year we go out to change the continent. 2021, we become torchbearers of excellence.

All I want us to do is the most!
This year we welcome more responsibilities as it will bring in more chances of being successful. I hope we give our all at every chance we get.

As a business, we will go beyond the traditional notion of management that focuses on controlling, supervising, evaluating, and rewarding/punishing, to creating a climate of communication, respect, feedback, and trust.

2021, we are focused on building refreshing products and services for everyone with innovation; ensuring brand trust and amazing user experiences. This is Patricia where convention goes to die!

Cheers to a wonderful year
Cheers to a DO THE MOST 2021.



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